Your hair, your rights – Australian Consumer Law

A trip to the hairdresser shouldn't be an unqualified disasterHairdressing and barbering services automatically come with consumer guarantees. Customers can expect the service will be given with due care and skill, within a reasonable timeframe, and be fit for purpose.

Imagine if your scalp was burnt because bleach was left on for too long or you asked for your beard to be trimmed into a bandholz and you walked out with a goatee.

Qualified hairdressers and barbers must also tell you if a service shouldn’t be done, for example, if you ask for your hair to be bleached more levels than the manufacturer recommends.

A qualified hairdresser or barber can guarantee their products and services but not products that you have purchased elsewhere and have asked them to apply, such as hair colour or hair extensions.

Here are some tips to help you get the best result from your next appointment.

  • Always use someone who is qualified
    Ask to see the person’s hairdressing or barber qualification certificates, whether they work in a shop or in a home-based business.
  • Ask about the price before you book
    Prices will vary because some businesses pay higher rents due to their location, spend longer on the service or provide ‘luxuries’ as part of their services eg – café quality coffee and massage chairs.
  • Check the terms and conditions before buying a daily deal voucher or coupon
    Sometimes vouchers can only be used for certain days or times. Always check if the voucher can be used for the day you book and at the time you request.

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Hairdressers and barbers can also print a poster to display in their business that encourages customers to ask to see their qualifications.