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Banknote acceptors and Ticket-In Ticket-Out (TITO) technology is allowed on gaming machines in licensed gaming venues. 

Any venues authorised to operate 30 or more gaming machines, if at least one machine can be operated using a banknote acceptor must also have approved facial recognition technology installed in their gaming rooms. 

Banknote acceptor devices 

From the end of the year, electronic gaming machines may be operated with devices that accept banknotes. 

Banknote acceptors have limits on how much money people can preload onto their machine.

  • The devices accept all Australian banknotes up to $50 notes
  • The use of $100 notes is prohibited. 

A machine must not accept banknotes if the balance on the machine is $100 or more. 

The technical requirements for banknote acceptors are set out in the Australian/New Zealand Gaming Machine National Standard and the SA Appendix

All banknote acceptors used on South Australian machines must meet these requirements. 

Ticket-In Ticket-Out (TITO)

TITO replaces the use of banknotes or coins where:

  • the ticket-in functionality is equivalent to a player inserting cash into a gaming machine
  • the ticket-out functionality is equivalent to a player pressing collect on a gaming machine and collecting credits in the form of a barcoded ticket. 

TITO tickets have limits on how much can be inserted and redeemed from a gaming machine.

Tickets must also feature harm minimisation messaging, including contact details for the 24/7 National Gambling Hotline. 

Minimum Ticket-In limit (MINTI)

The minimum value of a ticket able to be inserted into a ticket-in device


Maximum Ticket-In limit (MAXCR)

The TITO system must not redeem the value of a ticket inserted into a gaming machine which would cause the machine's credit metre to exceed this value


Maximum Ticket-Out limit (MAXTO)

The maximum value of a ticket printed by a ticket-out device.


Maximum time a ticket is redeemable for use in a gaming machine

30 days

Expiry of unredeemed tickets from date of issue

12 months

The technical requirements for TITO systems are outlined in the following documents:

Gaming licence holders

Licensees are not required to have gaming machines that use banknote acceptors or TITO technology.

You may find your existing machines are not able to be upgraded or retrofitted with these new systems. In this case, you may need to purchase new machines should you wish to use this new technology. 

Refer to the gaming machine dealers list for approved dealers in South Australia. 

You might also consider installing self-service Cash Redemption Terminals to allow customers to redeem tickets themselves. 

Evaluation and approval process

Applications for approval of the BNA or TITO components can be submitted using the existing Approval of Game/Gaming Machine application form


For any queries relating to banknote acceptor devices or TITO requirements, please contact CBS on 131 882 or gamblingadministration [at] sa.gov.au