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As part of the gambling reform package being introduced into South Australia, any venues authorised to operate 30 or more gaming machines, if at least one machine can be operated using a banknote acceptor, must also have approved facial recognition technology installed in their gaming rooms. 

These requirements will come into effect from 3 December 2020 but FRT providers and gaming machine licence holders may want to consider preparing now. 

Facial recognition technology will further support and assist licenced venues meet their responsibilities of identifying barred patrons by alerting gaming venue staff when a barred patron is detected entering the gaming room. 

Only FRT systems that have been evaluated and approved by Consumer and Business Services will be allowed to operate in gaming venues for this purpose. 

Approved FRT systems

The following FRT systems have been approved to be used in gaming venues. 

Approved system Provider Contact Conditions
Concern and Guardian Torutek Limited Mr Chris Yu
(08) 7200 7308
Approved on the condition that a CBS Data Sharing Agreement is signed
Imagus Facial Recognition Vix Vizion Pty Ltd Mr Ken Burrows
0400 310 326
Approved on the condition that a CBS Data Sharing Agreement is signed

Evaluation and approval process

FRT providers must apply to CBS for their product to be evaluated and approved by the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner. 

Apply for the approval of a Facial Recognition System / Provider 

If you have difficulty completing the application, contact CBS on 131 882 or email gamblingadministration [at] sa.gov.au

Once FRT systems have been approved by CBS, details of these systems and their providers will be published here. 

Preparing a submission

Submissions must include:

  • the full name of the service provider, address for service and address of the principal place of business
  • contact details where technical enquiries can be directed
  • the ABN and registered address of the entity
  • a company extract explaining the corporate structure (including parent or holding companies, subsidiaries, other associated companies, directors and major shareholders)
  • the details of the system providers' technical expertise in FRT
  • a description of the product being submitted
  • the market where the product will be used (eg Casinos, clubs and hotels)
  • system architecture diagram and description of how the facial recognition system is intended to be operated within a business
  • detailed description of the technology used
  • details of where the solution is currently in operation.

If the product has previously undergone testing, you should also submit a report of any testing conducted, including:

  • the testing body's name
  • the person who conducted the testing
  • a description of what was tested
  • how it was tested (photos may be required)
  • the test results. 

As part of the assessment process, the Commissioner may also request a demonstration of the system. 

See the Facial Recognition Systems Minimum Technical Requirements for further guidance. 

Gaming machine licence holders

Right now, the holders of gaming machine licences don't need to do anything.

More details about the operation of facial recognition systems in gaming venues will be provided to licensees and industry representative bodies in the coming months - including the details of FRT systems that have been approved by CBS. 

The details of these systems and their providers will be published here. 

Gaming machine licence holders will then be able to select a system and provider that best suits their needs. 

Minimum technical requirements

To be approved for use in gaming venues, a facial recognition system must be capable of identifying or verifying the physical features of a person's face using a digital image captured from a fixed video source. 

In general terms, the system must be able to:

  • communicate securely with the barring database held by CBS
  • use this data to compare with the images of persons entering a gaming area
  • send a notification to the gambling provider when a suspected barred person is identified. 

The system must also be able to prevent unauthorised access, use and disclosure of any data collected. 

The Facial Recognition Systems Minimum Technical Requirements provide more comprehensive details. 


For any queries relating to the FRT evaluation process or technical requirements, contact CBS on 131 882 or gamblingadministration [at] sa.gov.au