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8 August 2022
Bar tender completing form

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) has issued new barring order forms, together with an instruction video, to assist licensees when issuing barring orders under s125 of the Liquor Licensing Act 1997.

The video sets out the different types of barring orders that may apply and the circumstances and time frames that licensees and staff should be aware of when barring a person from their venue. CBS recommends viewing the video in a training session with staff or incorporating into a training manual.

Importantly, as the video explains, there is now a separate (optional) section to complete where a licensee wishes to seek the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner’s approval to bar someone for a period longer than would otherwise apply. See below for further details.

Barring a patron on misconduct grounds

 For misconduct related barring orders, you may bar a person for:

  • up to three months for a first barring;
  • up to six months for a second barring; and
  • for an indefinite period or other specified period if barred twice previously from that venue.

Licensees may apply to the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner to approve a longer barring period where they feel the conduct is serious enough to warrant a longer barring.  This application is a separate step undertaken following the issuing of the initial barring notice.

The new barring form sets out the process that must be followed.

Applying for a longer barring period

The new form includes a detachable ‘Extended barring period request’ section which can be completed and returned to CBS within 7 days with a copy of the barring order imposed. CBS will consider the request, seek the views of the barred person where possible, and notify the parties of the outcome.

Welfare barrings

A person barred on welfare grounds under s125(1)(aa) of the Liquor Licensing Act 1997 may be barred for an indefinite period or any specified period. A separate form is now available for barrings on welfare grounds.

Notifying CBS of barrings

You must submit a copy of the barring form (whether it was made on welfare or misconduct grounds) to CBS within 7 days if the barring is for longer than 6 months.

Barring forms should be completed and returned to CBS via:

  • email: liquorandgaming@sa.gov.au
  • post: Liquor and Gaming, GPO Box 965, ADELAIDE SA 5001
  • in person: CBS Customer Service Centre, 95 Grenfell Street, ADELAIDE SA 5000

Barring forms and further information is available at: www.sa.gov.au/topics/business-and-trade/liquor/running-a-licensed-venue/barrings

More information

For further information about the barring process and to access the forms please: