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13 December 2019
Person at a table using a tablet surrounded by shopping bags

You can return an item if it’s faulty, not fit for purpose, or doesn’t match the description and get a refund, repair or replacement. You have the same rights regardless of whether you paid full price or bought the item on sale.

You will need to show ‘proof of purchase’. This is usually your receipt, but if you don’t have the receipt then you may be able to show proof using the order number, warranty card or a credit card statement.

Contact the retailer first. If they don’t fix the problem, write to them. Describe the problem and how you would like them to fix it. If you’re not satisfied with the retailer’s response contact Consumer and Business Services for advice.

Some stores will offer a refund or exchange if you simply change your mind but they don’t have to under Australian Consumer Law. 

For further information about your shopping rights see: