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11 January 2022
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Landlords and property managers are required to lodge residential bonds collected at the start of tenancy with Consumer and Business Services (CBS) within:

  • 14 days of receiving the bond for a private landlord or
  • 28 days for a registered property manager. 

At the end of a tenancy, the bond should be returned to the tenant(s) if there are no claims by the landlord/proprietor for cleaning, outstanding rent or other reasonable costs. 

When this refund fails, for example when banking or contact details have changed, this can make following up with the tenant difficult and the bond becomes unclaimed.

Tenants who have an unclaimed bond may contact CBS at any time to reclaim that money. 

Applying for an unclaimed bond - information for tenants 

To check if you have an unclaimed bond, you can: 

  • use the CBS Bond Status Register by searching the bond or guarantee number, or the address of the property rented. If an unclaimed bond is found that belongs to you, you'll be given the option to apply for it to be repaid. 

Claims and validated refunds will be processed within 20 business days in most cases. Please note, you may need to allow some additional time for your bank to process your refund before it's deposited into your account. 

If you are experiencing difficulty making a claim for an unclaimed bond, contact our bonds team by phone on 131 882 to discuss your particular circumstances. 

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