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1 May 2011

Dodgy second-hand vehicle dealers that operated a car yard in Adelaide’s Morphett Street have been disqualified in proceedings brought against the duo by the Office of Business and Consumer Affairs (OCBA).

The judgement against Mr Grantley Murdock and Mr David Lines of Emacord Autos Pty Ltd was delivered by Judge McIntyre in the Adelaide District Court as the result of six years of questionable business practices that left consumers and lending authorities out-of-pocket.

Acting Commissioner of Consumer Affairs, Anne Gale said “from 2004 til 2010, Mr Murdock engaged in shoddy business practices including issuing cheques that were subsequently dishonoured, falsifying documents and failing to pay debts owed to consumers and lending authorities.”

“The OCBA investigation revealed that over 10 consumers were dealt with improperly by the Company and some of these consumers were left significantly out-of-pocket as a result.

“Alarmingly, the Second-hand Vehicles Compensation Fund was required to pay over
$120,000 to consumers as a result of the company’s dealings and subsequent liquidation.

“Mr Lines also failed in his obligations as a director of the Company enabling Mr Murdock to engage in improper conduct,” Ms Gale said.

The Court also found Mr Murdock, who has been associated with Emacord Autos Pty Ltd since the early 1980’s, and a ‘de facto’ director since at least 2002, to be unlicensed during the entire period.

“Consumers need to take a great deal of care when purchasing a second-hand vehicle to ensure that they’re getting the real deal in terms of product and service,” the Acting Commissioner said.

“Be extra vigilant and research the dealer that you are considering purchasing a vehicle from.

“Visit the Licensing Public Register on the OCBA website to check that your vehicle dealer is licensed.”

Mr Murdock was permanently disqualified from being licensed as a dealer, permanently prohibited from being a director of a company that is a dealer and permanently prohibited from being employed or otherwise engaged in the business of a second-hand vehicle dealer.

Mr Lines was disqualified from being licensed and prohibited from being a director of a company that is a dealer until further order of the Court.

Emacord Autos Pty Ltd is currently in liquidation and is not trading.

To report concerns about suspect second-hand vehicle dealers, or to launch a complaint, contact OCBA on 8204 9777 or 131 882 for regional callers, or visit www.ocba.gov.au.