Public register – find a licence holder

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) provides a range of licensing services in South Australia. These include:

  • occupational licences
  • liquor, gaming, lotteries and charities licences.

Occupational licences

Search the CBS licensing register to find a licence holder or to check if a person or company is licensed to undertake work or provide a service to you.

Search for an occupational licence holder


Licence holders include:

  • builders
  • plumbers
  • electricians
  • gas fitters
  • conveyancers
  • land agents
  • security staff
  • sales representatives
  • second hand motor vehicle dealers

Search the list of approved security industry training providers to find organisations which offer training designed to provide a person with the necessary qualification to hold a security agents licence.

Always check that the person undertaking work for you or providing a service holds the appropriate licence.

Liquor and gaming licences and responsible persons

Search the CBS liquor and gaming licensing database to find details of licensed premises in South Australia that hold a liquor or gaming licence or to confirm if a Responsible Person is still currently approved.

Search for a liquor and gaming licence or responsible person


Limited liquor licences

View a list of upcoming large limited licence events.

View limited licences