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A list of all gaming machine entitlements held in SA and the venues at which those entitlements are held.


Licence Status

G = Granted or SP = Suspended

Machines Approved

The maximum number of gaming machines that a licensee could operate under their licence. The licensee is required to hold a sufficient number of gaming machine entitlements to cover the number of gaming machines actually operating on the premises.

Entitlements Owned

The number of entitlements owned by the licensee. Each entitlement allows the licensee to operate one gaming machine on the licensed premises.

Entitlements Held

Number of entitlements held at the premises, usually equivalent to the number of gaming machines which are being operated by the licensee on the premises. This number must not exceed the maximum number of approved machines. 'Entitlements Held' could be entitlements owned by the licensee or a combination of owned entitlements and any additional entitlements held at the venue under a contractual agreement with Club One.