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30 November 2015

A South Australian animal charity has lost its licence, amid allegations that funds raised were being used for gambling.

Liquor and Gambling Commissioner, Dini Soulio, says Help Save the Furry Ones, which raised funds as an animal shelter, has had its charity licence revoked.

“Consumer and Business Services (CBS) received information alleging that some of the funds raised by the charity for the care of animals were being transferred to a company associated with online casinos.

“Our investigations also indicate that other accounts associated with the charity have not been audited, as is required under the Collection for Charitable Purposes Act.

“The allegations have been put to the licence holder, but she has failed to respond to any contact from CBS.

“CBS is responsible for overseeing charities operating in South Australia, and to ensure funds are managed appropriately.

“In this case, I have made a determination that the funds being raised for a charitable purpose were being mismanaged or misapplied, and the licence was revoked.

“The operator of Help Save the Furry Ones is no longer allowed to solicit funds, and I would warn South Australians not to donate to this organisation.”

The charity has used a website and a Facebook page to collect funds.