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17 August 2012

Mr James Trimboli, of Dernancourt, has agreed to surrender his registration and licence as an electrical contractor following suspension of his licence by Consumer and Business Services. This suspension is in relation to non-compliant electrical work performed across a range of domestic and commercial sites.

Mr Trimboli, 62, has been operating an electrical business trading as Commercial and Domestic Electrical Services Pty Ltd.

An audit of Mr Trimboli’s work by the Office of the Technical Regulator (OTR) demonstrated he had a lack of knowledge of the wiring rules and that his work posed a high risk of electrocution and fire.

Consumer and Business Services is urging anyone who has had electrical work done by Mr Trimboli to have it checked by a licensed electrician.

Acting Commissioner for Consumer Affairs Anne Gale said that as soon as these matters were identified by the OTR at the commercial sites the electrical problems were immediately fixed by an independent electrical contractor, to ensure an acceptable level of electrical safety in relation to the works completed by Trimboli.

“OTR officers found a range of electrical problems including live cables that were not connected into the back of power points, and damaged and pinched cables on socket outlets in the roof space.

“There were general power circuits directly accessible to people, without the correct and mandatory circuit breaker protection in place that is designed to prevent against lethal shock and circuit overload.

“As a result of Mr Trimboli’s substandard work there was a very real danger that people could suffer significant harm, or significant loss or damage.” Ms Gale said.

The Office of the Technical Regulator reported that it is a long time since such a level of non-compliant electrical work like this has been detected, especially the risk it posed to lives.

“I urge anyone who may have had electrical work done by Mr Trimboli to have it checked by a licensed electrician,” Ms Gale said. “The Consumer and Business Services website allows you to search if your tradesperson has a licence.”

To report concerns about suspect electricians, or to lodge a complaint, contact CBS on 131 882 or visit www.cbs.sa.gov.au