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18 April 2018

Action by South Australia’s consumer watchdog has prompted a Darlington business to issue a voluntary recall notice for unsafe ethanol burners being sold in breach of national safety standards.

Commissioner for Consumer Affairs Dini Soulio said officers from Consumer and Business Services seized nearly 20 unsafe ethanol burners from Gardenia Home Garden Décor in Darlington.

“Ethanol burners can pose serious risks to consumers,” he said.

“In the seven years before the new safety standard was introduced, decorative burners have been linked to more than 100 injuries in over 36 house fires, which is why new safety standard was introduced to regulate their sale.”

Mr Soulio said Gardenia Home and Garden Décor had identified the sale of 15 models of ethanol burners from their Darlington store.

“The business has now instituted a voluntary recall, and will reimburse all customers for the purchase of these non-compliant products,” he said.

“I would encourage any consumers who may have bought one of these items to contact Gardenia to arrange for the product’s return and for a refund.”

Mr Soulio said CBS would consider whether further action against the retailer was warranted, noting the business had cooperated fully with both Consumer and Business Services and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in implementing the voluntary recall.

Information about the voluntary recall is available at https://www.productsafety.gov.au/recall/gardenia-home-garden-d-cor-pty-ltd-bio-ethanol-fireplaces-various-models, with more information on the product standards relating to ethanol burners at https://www.productsafety.gov.au/standards/decorative-alcohol-fuelled-devices.

To contact Gardenia, visit their website at www.gardenia.net.au

If you wish to report a potentially unsafe product, contact Consumer and Business Services on 131 882.